No Urge To Purge


I see that The Purge is now airing on TV. I haven’t seen it and don’t intend to watch it, nor have any interest in watching the sequel which is in theaters now. I love horror movies, as well as sci-fi and fantasy, so I’m well-versed in the particulars of “the willing suspension of disbelief”, where you just have to accept certain impossible or implausible premises to enjoy a film, and I do that all the time. But this is one film that just pushes it too far for me. One night a year ALL crime is legal? People can just do whatever the heck they want, without punishment? The idea being that this lets people get out all of their violent tendencies for one day, so that the other 364 days of the year everyone can be nice?

I’m sorry, but No. Effing. Way.

This could never work. No modern day society could possibly function like this. Just the property damage alone would take too much time and effort to repair. But, really, people can just murder, rape, torture anyone for 12 hours? Not to mention stealing. Heck, if I lived in this society I’d become a computer hacker, and on Purge night I’d be hacking into people’s bank accounts and stealing their money. It’s legal! But the paranoia among the population would be huge all year round. You’d never know who’s going to turn on you on Purge night. Even within families.

Hey, I’m a teenager who thinks my parents are too strict, or I just can’t stand my new stepfather, well on Purge night when we’re all locked up “safely” in our home, I’m killing them! O

r how about spouses who want to end their marriage? Divorce is too costly, I’ll just wait until Purge night and kill them, so I’ll get to keep the house and all our assets.

The horrible scenarios that I can imagine are virtually endless. Yet we’re supposed to believe that when the night is over everyone just goes back to normal and forgets about the stuff that happened that night? Please!


  1. That’s so true!! I watched the first purge and found it quite disturbing but you could never really articulate why outside of the obvious reasons that it’s just plain sick. You bring up very valid points, I wonder if the people who produced the movie considered these or simply didn’t care….I’d go for the latter lol


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