Starlight #5 by Mark Millar and Goran Parlov

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Goran Parlov
Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards
Publisher: Image Comics

Previously: STARLIGHT #4

Sometimes reviewing is hard, especially when you like a book so much and want to say EXACTLY why, but then you have to be mindful of spoilers for those who haven’t read it yet. This is one of those instances. I’ll try not to spoil too much.

We open with a flashback revealing Krish’s (Spaceboy) background and how he became an orphan and decided to track down Duke to bring him back. Then we get a training sequence between the two, which came off like a nice little father/son moment. The rebels, led by Tilda Starr, are preparing for a major assault on the Brotean conquerers. Their numbers are smaller and their equipment not as advanced, but the appearance of Duke has raised everyone’s spirits and optimism. Duke himself is having the time of his life, despite his age he loves being in the role of heroic underdog again after all these years. But just then the traitor who was revealed at the end of last issue makes his move and suddenly the Brotean army arrives, attacking the rebel hideout. Duke leaps into action again but even he is outnumbered. The comic ends with everything seeming darker and more hopeless than ever…

AWESOME! This is a great sci-fi Space Opera adventure comic. The balance between the little character moments and the big action spots is pitch perfect. I know many (including myself) have sometimes criticized Millar’s creator-owned projects for just feeling like blatant movie-pitches, but I felt like I could see this as a movie in my head while I was reading it. This is of course helped by the beautiful artwork of Goran Parlov, whom it feels like was born specifically to draw this book. I have not enjoyed a Mark Millar comic-book this much since the original ULTIMATES series. I can’t wait for the conclusion next issue!


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