Today is trash-pickup/street sweeper day on my side of the street. Which means that there’s no parking allowed from 8am-3pm. I was a little late getting out the door because I was trying to read and then write my reviews for MPH #3 and SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #8 and post them before leaving for work. And for some reason my internet connection was slower than usual which was making things like posting, saving, and opening pages much slower. So when I got out the house it was like 8:06am, and when I got to my car I saw the ticket on the windshield. I was like, dang, can’t a brother getting a little grace period?!? There wasn’t any traffic cop around by then, so he or she must pounced on my right at 8am, or pretty close.
Probably desperate to make some weekly quota of tickets, so they go for the easy ones.

'I don't make the rules, sir. I'm just grateful for those who do.'

It just seems wrong. It’s not like either the garbage truck or street sweeper was anywhere near, so I didn’t actually block anyone. And now I have to pay $40 (that’s $27.50 for the fine, plus a “mandated state surcharge of $12.50) for nothing. I feel like I’ve been mugged.

Happy Hump Day.


  1. Sounds like you need to appeal it on the basis of your vehicle was not obstructing the vehicles when they came by. Sounds like an ambush to me.


  2. It was internet slow down day (search for it and you’ll see). Sorry about the ticket. Be glad you don’t live/work in NYC where they’ll really get you. The street cleaning violiation fine is $65. My one and only parking ticket in New York City was a couple of years ago when I was working in Queens, NY was $120 for two violations, one was for having an expired registration sticker (I had a renewed sticker at home but I neglected to put in on my car) and the other ticket was for not having my front license plate properly displayed (It was inside of my front windshield visible from the passenger side). Each ticket was $60 then, but I recently checked their website and the price has jumped to $65. I got another parking ticket out on Long Island for an expired meter and it was only about $25.


  3. […] money that I didn’t plan on having to spend (and at $55 that’s up from the $40 it was the last time I got a parking ticket 6 years ago), while I’m trying to save as much as I can due to the increased expenses that […]


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