Night Club #2

Written by Mark Millar
Drawn by Juanan Ramirez
Published by Image Comics


Picking up right from where the first issue left off, Danny surprises his best friends Sam and Amy to show off his new power and they both immediately freak out and start running. Danny chases after, them, saving Sam’s life after he ran into the street and almost got hit by a truck. Then he tracks down Amy and takes them both to the cheap motel that Det. Laskaras had taken him when he turned them. He explains what’s happened and tries to convince them to let him bite them so they can become vampires too and then use their status to make money. Sam is hesitant, but Amy readily agrees to it, so Sam goes along with it. Flash forward three days, and Sam and Amy awaken from their comas now also vampires.

The bulk of the issue is the three teens testing out their new abilities. Danny bought them luchador makes like his, so they can go out in the daylight. With Danny’s guidance, they practice leaping, walking on walls, turning into mist and bats. But when trying to cross a bridge they’re stopped by an invisible barrier, and Amy points out that vampires can’t cross running water. It’s interesting that Mark Millar is utilizing these older vampire myths in this series.

But I do need to say that, thematically, this reminded me of the 2nd issue of Mark Millar’s MPH miniseries, which also had a young man sharing his new superpowers with his friends and they all go testing them out in the streets. But it’s not the first time Millar’s copied himself.

The issue ends with the kids confronting Risa the bully who’s been picking on Sam. And payback is a bitch.

I’m still finding this series enjoyable for what it is. Sure, it’s a little unrealistic how easily Sam and Amy are convinced to let Danny bite them. They talk about all the new things they’ll be able to do as vampires, but none of them seem too bothered by the weakness. Sure, being able to walk on walls is cool, but you’d think they’d give some thought to what it means to never be able to go out in the sunlight again without completely covering their entire bodies. And the implications of immortality don’t come up either. They’re just like, fuck it, school sucks and I’ve got nothing better going on, sure, I’ll become a vampire!

I mean, I know teenagers tend to be impulsive and shortsighted, but still…

Once again the major weakness of this series is the artwork. Amateurish artwork (by Juanan Ramirez), and dull coloring (by Fabiana Mascolo) make this book less exciting than it could be.


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