Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Jamal Campbell
Published by DC Comics


Well, this is the end of the opening arc of this series, so I don’t want to spoil too much. Superman finally has to turn to Lex Luthor and the two of them work together with a plan to defeat The Parasite and free all of the citizens of Metropolis who are under his control.

I have to say how much I enjoy this current incarnation of The Parasite, he comes off like a real horror movie-level threat, he’s like a zombie apocalypse (or like The Borg from Star Trek) the way his clones overrun the city and infect any humans they touch. It’s very effective, and the solution to this is creative.

In the end, Superman forms a tenuous alliance with Lex Luthor in regard to future threats and agrees to run “Supercorp” during Lex’s incarceration, and we see the mysterious Secret Order Of Mad Scientists plotting to use another of Superman’s longtime rogues in their schemes next. All of which promises to lead to more exciting stories in the upcoming issues of this series.

This was a satisfying and not overly-long story arc to open this series. I also like that the rest of the “Superman family” do make appearances, but they’re not main characters. This book focuses on Superman as the lead, with his traditional supporting cast of Lois and Jimmy (I hope Perry isn’t gone for too long). In my review of issue #1, a commenter suggested I check out the current Action Comics series as well, and I did but I didn’t enjoy it and was able to return on Amazon for a refund (and thus didn’t bother reviewing it), as that’s more of team book, which I’m just not that interested in right now. So I’m glad I have this series to get the solo adventures of Superman.

And again, I can’t praise Jamal Campbell’s artwork enough, he’s perfect for this series.


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