A couple of weeks ago, someone shared this new Tumblr site called OKCUPID GOLDMINE, which appears to be a worthy successor to the now-defunct “Nice Guys of OKCUPID” site which I previously wrote about here: “NICE GUYS” FINISH LAST (BECAUSE THEY DESERVE TO)”

This one seems to be striving to be a bit more fair, and slightly more careful. For one thing, while it does show the faces in the profile pics (which are all publicly available on the OKCupid website), it doesn’t post their profile names. More importantly, this also posts pictures of women on the site, not just men, showing that people of both genders can be just as clueless when it comes to attempting to attract a mate via a dating website.



Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no kind of fashion master, I know nothing about “style,” and I’m far from a relationship or dating expert. But even I know that if I were to set up a profile in an attempt to attract women who don’t know me in real life, and therefor their first impression of me will be whatever picture I chose to take and post, well, let’s just that I would take off the fedora and take the potato chips out of my mouth…



But of course, beyond the questionable fashion choices and poses, the main focus of the OKCUPID GOLDMINE site is the crazy answers that some of these guys (& it’s always guys) give to the profile questions. Such as “Do you think women are obligated to shave their legs?” It’s amazing how many guys answer “yes” to that question.

I sometimes want to give them the benefit of the doubt, and think maybe they’re just not clear on what the word “obligated” means, exactly. Because I kinda find that even worse than the ones who answer “yes” to, “Are their times when a woman is obligated to have sex with you?” Anyone who thinks they’re ever owed sex I can just dismiss as a psycho. But shaving is such a random thing to claim is an obligation. Saying you “prefer” women who shave their legs is perfectly acceptable to me, and if you meet one who doesn’t, fine, then, move on, just like any other physical/fashion preference that we all have. But saying she should be OBLIGATED to do it? Why? Because that’s what YOU like? I just don’t get that mentality @ all. How is anyone obligated to make any sort of physical grooming decision for someone else? And that goes for men and women. I shave my face and my head bald every day. If someone wanted to be with me but didn’t like bald guys, should I be obligated to grow my hair out, just for her? Of course not! She could ask me to, but the answer would be no because I feel more comfortable this way.

On the other hand, I do think that if you’re in a relationship with someone, you should try to maintain your physical attractiveness for them, and vice-versa. Too many people get complacent and stop taking care of themselves, and no longer put as much effort into being attractive to their partner, and I think that’s a mistake. Making radical changes in your appearance can also be a mistake. To use my baldness example, if I were with a woman who began a relationship with me while I was bald, and she specifically liked that, then I would think twice about stopping shaving and regrowing my hair if I ever felt like it, because of her. It would, ultimately, still be my decision, but I would take her opinion into consideration. Why would I want to do something that makes me less attractive to her?

Anyway, as for legs, I guess my answer would be “It depends on how hairy they are.” Not every woman grows leg-hair the same, so if it’s not enough that shaving is really necessary, than I don’t mind. The one thing I don’t like is armpit hair. THAT is definitely a deal-breaker for me. I don’t even know why, but I can’t stand it. I even shave my own armpits, because I hate it so much. Yuck.



Short answer: match.com/okcupid/humor rainbow sent tumblr a DMCA takedown notice.

Long answer: match.com/okcupid/humor rainbow sent tumblr a DMCA takedown notice claiming okcgoldmine was infringing their copyright. It is the opinion of the siteowners that the subject material displayed on the site was parody and thus fair use, but apparently match.com had a big issue with a dumb humor blog on the internet, and sent a takedown notice. We will likely not be fighting this out in court, because this was a dumb humor internet blog done “because it was funny”. Thank you for all your support, the 17000 followers who subscribed the tumblr, and everyone who was entertained by this blog. Thank u and god bless

If I make another dumb humor blog about something else, I’ll probably post a link to it here, so check this space periodically if you rly enjoyed my brand of humor. peace

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