That’s right, I think everyone should have a job that they hate. I don’t mean forever, of course. But at least once in your life, for a period of time that shouldn’t be too long, but just long enough to really hate it. a job that they can’t stand. A job that makes you dread getting out of bed in the morning (or A night, if it’s a night job). A job that’s either really hard, or the pay is really low or, even better, it’s really hard AND the pay is really low.


Or you’re not paid at all, it could be an internship, something you’re just doing for the experience, or college credits. But the key is that you shouldn’t like it, for whatever reason. It could be because of the job itself, the actual work you do. As I said, maybe it’s hard, either physically or mentally (or both). Maybe it’s boring, the kind if mind-numbing work that makes the days drag on and feel twice as long. Or maybe it’s not the actual work that’s the problem, maybe it’s the coworkers. You don’t like one or more of them, they get on your nerves, annoy you, bore you, anger you, whatever.


Or maybe it’s THE BOSS that is the problem. The boss is rude, unreasonable, clueless, or some combination of all of the above. Someone who is riding your ass all day long, treating you like crap, getting on your case for trivial reasons, to the point where you find yourself fantasize about strangling that m*****f*****!


Yes, everyone should have a job like that.

Think of it as a Right of Passage. Something that builds character. This is something I’ve thought about a lot, and it’s come up more recently in regards to my ex-coworker who got busted stealing from the company, as I wrote about HERE. I’d said that I can’t understand why someone who had a good job would risk losing it by stealing. I think maybe it’s because he didn’t have many other jobs before he started working at the company I work for.

See, my present job is pretty good, I mostly like it, with very few complaints. And I think the fact that I know exactly how bad some jobs can be, makes me appreciate my current job even more. My first job was basically working for my cousin, doing things like mowing lawns and cleaning bathrooms. Not fun. Then I had a job working in a video store/TV & VCR repair shop. That was terrible because of the boss, who didn’t seem to want to work, so I was the one had had to take all the calls from the angry customers who wanted to know why the frak their TV’s and VCR’s weren’t ready when the boss said they would be. Then my 3rd job was working in a warehouse, much like I am now, except this is the one where the management, from the owner to the managers and supervisors were all evil, the whole company was run by morons and the workers were all treated like dirt. But I stayed there for so long, I think around 5 years, because I’d gotten used to it, and was too afraid of change, like what if I couldn’t find anything better? Finally, it became too much, for various reasons, so I saved up enough money to last me two months, and then gave my two weeks notice. Two weeks later I got my current job, doing the same thing, but for more money, and in a much better work environment.

But, in addition to the coworker who stole from the place, over the years I’ve watched a series of temps come through the door, a bunch of young guys (sorry if I’m feeing into the stereotypes about millennials, but it’s the truth), who just don’t know how to work, or how to behave at work. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is, when I tell someone to do something a certain way, and they’re respond by asking “Why?”. And I don’t want to be that a-hole who says “BECAUSE I SAID SO,” but, really, that’s not the way to respond when you’re starting at a new job. But the problem is that these are people who’ve never had a real job before, so they just don’t realize how good they could have it, if they have the proper attitude and work hard. Hence, my theory about having a crappy job (or two) to prepare you for entering the workforce.

Just my opinion.


What do YOU think?

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