What’s the deal with NECKTIES?


Previously I have railed against the sagging pants trend among Black youth, but there’s an even bigger annoyance of male fashion that I don’t care for, and it’s worse because this is a worldwide phenomenon encompassing men from all walks of life. And it’s the necktie.

'Economists confirmed today, that the most reliable economic indicator is necktie width.'

Seriously, what’s the deal with neckties? Is there a more useless fashion accessory than a necktie? What’s the point? What purpose does it serve? How the bloody heck did this become not only fashionable but considered a required part of a professional male’s ensemble?

'He wears a necktie like he means it.'

I was thinking of this because I only have one suit, which I rarely need to wear. I have two weddings to end, one at the end of May and other in June, so that’s where I’ll wearing it next. Then most likely won’t need it again until my company’s Christmas part in December. But looking at it I noticed how most of it is functional. Pants, a shirt, a jacket, then socks and shoes. Okay, that’s all good. But then I also need to take an extra piece of cloth and hang it around my neck, outside of my shirt. WHAT FOR?!?

'I hope you don't mind, but I used a couple of your ugly ties for a tail.'

On the one hand it’s not as bad as high heels, a fashion choice that woman wear which is actually painful. I think that’s stupid, too. But at least they serve a visual purpose of making a woman look taller.


But how does a necktie enhance a man’s physical appeal in any way? Answer: it doesn’t. So I don’t know when and how this trend started. And how annoying is it to have to learn how to tie one of those darn things? I learned via a Youtube video, and it took much practice to get it right. It just seems so pointless. I hope this trend will die out within my lifetime. More workplaces have been opting for casual attire with a relaxed dress code, although some argue that it may have a negative effect on performance. But business titans like the Late Steve Jobs famously didn’t wear a suit and tie, and it didn’t make anyone take him less seriously. So let’s ditch this pointless piece of cloth. Please.

'You don't want the job, do you?'

Just my opinion.


  1. I went to a Catholic school for 7 years, and we had to wear a uniform which included a tie for the boys. The only positive thing about wearing a tie in school was that I learned how to tie one at a very early age. If anybody wore a clip-on, they would get teased. To this day, I only wear a tie to weddings and funerals.

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  2. You can now wear your iPhone in a necktie.

    The new Easelle line from Clear Ties is a clear vinyl necktie that
    you can display your pictures, photos and other artwork in.

    You can place (hide) your iPhone behind the artwork and wear your phone.

    Since the necktie is made of clear vinyl, you can operate your iPhone or smartphone
    in the necktie!

    Frees up a pocket, and you can access your phone quickly.


    You can also fill a Clear Tie with LEGO or live ants!


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