The Movement #8

Written by Gail Simone
Drawn by Freddie Williams II
Published by DC Comics


A lot of action in this issue. It opens with Burden, in full demon-mode, taking on the Graveyard Faction. Although badly injured, Vengeance Moth refused to give up and also continues to fight, but they’re still in danger of being being overwhelmed, as the fight causes enough damages to make the Sweatshop cave in. Vengeance Moth figures out way to send out a call for help, and Virtue, Katharsis, and Tremor, along with a recovering Mouse, rush to the scene and we get a full-on battle between the two groups. Meanwhile, Captain Meers rushes to the police HQ to stop Officer Whitt from launching a rogue attack against the Movement and, with some clever thinking from Officer Yee, Whitt is finally taken care of for good.

I don’t want to say too much about how this story ends. Suffice to say, the Graveyard Faction are defeated, and the Movement emerge from this battle more united the ever. We get some further incite into Vengeance Moth’s personality, and I have to say that I think she is my favorite member of this series. She and I share the fear of being buried alive. We also learn more about Virtue. Officer Meers has had a detective secretly investigating her true identity, and uncovers quite a surprise. We learn that she may be a lesbian, as she had a date with Sarah Rainmaker, which she had to cancel due to the events of this issue. And we get a surprising new display of how her powers work.

Also, Mouse thinks he’s in love in Tremor now. A feeling which is clearly not mutual.

The way Gail Simone is able to weave in these little personal character moments in breaks from the larger action scenes is so effortless, and proves her skills as a writer. And it’s that mix which makes this series so enjoyable (and Freddie Williams II’s art is pretty good too).

The Movement #8

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