Written by Mark Millar
Drawn by Olivier Coipel
Published by Image Comics


Our POV character is Vitor Pereira, he’s a Catholic priest in Rio De Janeiro. Besides the fact that he has a pregnant mistress, he seems to be a very devout and righteous man, doing what he can to help innocent people. The trouble is that the neighborhood his church is in is in the middle of a violent turf war between rival militias and corrupt police officers. One of his regular parishioners is a young woman named Zee who works as an enforcer for a militia leader. We see her carrying one of her assignments, and it’s clear that she’s capable of extreme violence, while also having a conscience. Because of his preaching against crime, the militias have targeted Vitor for assassination, and Zee is assigned to do the deed. And it’s right at this moment that Vitor is teleported to Choon-He’s HQ in the South Pole and informed that he’s been selected to be the “ambassador” from Brazil and is offered the special bracelet that lets him access a variety of superheroes. Problem solved right? Accept Vitor doesn’t want the powers, he thinks God’s protection is all he needs.

I won’t spoil the twist ending, although I kinda guessed where it was heading. There’s a second twist at the end, regarding the subplot about Choon-He’s ex-husband, who’s had agents approaching each of the ambassadors with offers of money in exchange for info about their powers. We haven’t seen anyone take him up on his offer before but, apparently, someone must have because he appears to have cracked the code. So we’ll see where this leads.

I’m still enjoying this story, it’s the first book I read when I get my new comics. Looking into the lives of each of these new characters has been done well, although I am wondering when we’re going to get to an actual team-up in action. I like Olivier Coipel’s art, I remember him doing some Black Panter works years ago, he was always impressive. I still think in the long run I would have preferred a single artist on this series, although the new-artist-every-issue gimmick has kept this book coming out quickly, so that’s a bonus.

Good story, good artwork, good time. Pick it up!


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