WRITERS: Benjamin Bailey & Joey Esposito
ARTIST: Boy “Boykoesh” Akkerman
COLORS: Ed Ryzowski
LETTERS: Adam O. Pruett

This is a special Halloween issue that came out last week, but somehow I missed it when buying my new comics. I only just found out it was out yesterday, when I searching Comixology for something else. I typed in Halloween to see if some comic-book adaptations of the Halloween films were available, and this issue popped up. Well, better late than never.

This is a simple story. Captain Ultimate comes to Milo’s house to take him trick or treating, while Milo’s parents go out together dressed as Romeo and Juliette. Milo is dressed as a fireman, and Captain Ultimate is dressed as a mild mannered newspaper reporter. They also take Ulti-Mutt along with them. Everything is going fine until a rock band called The Pumpkills drives into town and starts stealing all the kids’ candy. Of course Milo can’t stand by and let that happen. After some super-heroics, Milo, the Captain and Ulti-Mutt head back home to watch some horror movies with Milo’s parents.

Not much story-advancement here, although once again we see how courageous Milo is, and how he always stands up to bullies. Plus there’s a mention by Captain Ultimate of creating a superhero costume for Milo, since he said in issue #2 that he wants to train Milo to be his sidekick. There’s no appearance by reporter Ricki Ratcliffe, who was planning to expose Captain Ultimate last issue, and only one member of the Super Revenging Squad, introduced in issue #1, appears here. But as a “holiday issue,” specifically for Halloween, this story was decent enough.


Available on Comixology

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