My Top Ten Posts of All Time!

I started this blog in October of 2008. Back in September of 2014, I did a post celebrating the fact that I’d reached 100,000 views. At that point, I included a list of my 10 most viewed posts. Well, here we are four and half years later, and as I type this I’m sitting at 317,957 views. I was going through some of my old posts (and one thing that’s still annoying is I keep coming across posts that are missing images now because of stupid photobucket, no how matter how many I fix I still haven’t caught them all), and I thought I’d check my stats to see how my ranking of most-viewed blogs have changed. This time I’ll count them backward:

Posted October 19, 2014. 4280 views
There are have been several scandals over the years where groups of female celebrities have had their phones or icloud accounts hacked, and nude pictures that they’ve taken of themselves then got leaked to the internet. That is horrible, and a terrible violation of their privacy. But when people like me dare to suggest that if you’re a celebrity that doesn’t want people to see them naked, then it might be a good idea to just not take naked pictures of yourself, we get accused of “blaming the victim” or of “slut-shaming.” People will instead try to argue about the women’s “right” to take nude pictures of themselves, which I don’t deny. I’m just saying to be practical. One of the prices of fame is that you become a target for unscrupulous people. And so I think that you need to be overly cautious. Especially when you see that things like this have happened before. So yes, you have the right to do this, but you also should accept that something like this can happen if you do. And with this particular post I was pointing out that this happens to male celebrities too, and my advice to them is the same. Don’t take naked pictures of yourself. Of course I also can’t help but notice that there is a double standard in cases like this, as often times when nude pictures of male celebrities are leaked, the public reaction is that it’s funny. And often times, these leaks aren’t the result of anonymous hacks, in several of these instances the men’s ex-girlfriends intentionally post the pictures, they don’t even hide it, and yet they don’t get the same scorn that men who do this to women get. That’s not fair.

Posted March 2, 2013. 4,714 views.
This was my 3rd-highest post last time. It’s gotten 1,973 more views since then, although it drops to ninth place on this list. I guess it still remains a somewhat popular nootropic, which makes people look it up to find out if it works, and that brings them to this post. Strangely, I have several more posts about this pill, but the next highest one is Experiencing Excelerol which has less than half the number of views. You’d think if someone was that curious they’d check at least some of the other posts, which would give them a similar amount of views, but I guess they feel they’ve gotten enough info from this one.

Posted June 27, 2014. 5,599 views.
One of the worst Superman stories ever. I’m still amazed that the editors at DC Comics allowed John Byrne to write this. I’m not surprised that this post has remained popular, I’ve often backtracked referrals to it and see that it’s been posted on various comic-book message boards and other sites. And someone even linked to it on the TV TROPES WIKI, which has also sent many hits to it, which I’m grateful for.

Posted July 30, 2014. 6,238 views.
The popularity of this post, where I reviewed the first two episodes of this “reality” show and discussed the couples who met on it, is a little surprising. When I posted it on Twitter, one of the contestants (“Wee Wee“) did retweet and reply to me, insisting that she and Joe were a real couple despite my doubts, so that likely help it get hits. Speaking of which, I just checked Wee Wee’s Facebook page, and see that last October she married some other man, so whatever the reality of her and Joe’s post-show relationship, it didn’t last. But I’m glad she found someone now (no word on what Joe is up to these days). Also, a lot of referrals to this post came from people trying to figure out who “Jasmine” was, which I had a helpful reader reveal that she is porn star Layla Sin. The series continued for two my seasons, plus a special episode where a couple who met on the show got married, although I can’t find any info about whether or not they are still married.

Posted October 1, 2013. 7,471 views.
This was my 8th highest post before, now it’s jumped to #6, with over 6000 more views. Like with Excelorol, I have many more posts about this nootropic, but none with as many hits.

Posted April 11, 2015. 7,859 views.
This one is a little surprising. I mean, I’m not surprised that the story of two adult female teachers having a threesome with their teenage male student is a popular one, just that this particular post is the most viewed one on the topic. I guess specifically a lot of people were looking to see if either of these woemn had an Instagram page, so they could look them up.

Posted June 25, 2014. 9,167 views.
Not quite as bad as the Superman/Big Barda porn story, but likewise one of John Byrne’s worst stories. This likewise has been linked to on various comic-book sites and message boards, which accounts for its popularity.

Posted November 1, 2015. 9,203 views.
This is one of my biggest surprises. I had no idea when I wrote this post that it would be so popular. Three and a half years later and it’s consistently remained high in my daily view count. I honestly don’t know why.

Posted July 2, 2017. 11,805 views.
Now this is no surprise, and I’m actually happy that it’s gotten so many views. I mean, I’m sad that there are men like this out here harassing women like this, but there are many of them, and they deserve to be exposed. Heck, if perhaps reading of this exchange caused even one man to rethink his behavior towards women, then it’s worth it. As for Mr. Alexandre Chbeir himself, a reader later informed me the criminal charges for harassment were brought against him by a couple of women, and he was found guilty. Via a news link to a French-language news site, which I ran through an online translator, I see that in March 2018 he was sentenced to 4 months in jail (the max he could have gotten was 6 months) and three years probation. So lets hope he’s really learned his lesson.

And my number one highest viewed blog post is…

#1: “MOUNTAINS” BY ODESSA ROSE (aka That song from Karen’s last scene on “Mistresses” episode 5)
Posted July 6, 2013. 19,544 views.
Still the champion! It was already so far ahead of all my posts the last time, and it’s gotten 3,417 more views since then, so it remains my most-viewed post. The show itself ended after 4 Summer season in 2016 (I stopped watching it when Alyssa Milano was said to not be returning for season 3), but people still were intrigued by this song. At the time I wrote this post there was almost no information about the singger Odessa Rose, and the song wasn’t even available for purchase yet. So I was one of the few sources of info about this artist and this song.

I actually tried to capitalize on the popularity of this post, by doing more about Odessa. When she released an E.P. I reviewed that here, and I also did a separate post When she released a music video for I Will Be There. But neither post got anywhere near the same traction. I never even got around to reviewing her full album. And since then Odessa seems to have basically disappeared, it’s like she intentionally decided to not be too successful. No new music, few appearances. I don’t get it.

But my point is, as I said before, you really can’t chase popularity on a blog like this. I’ve written posts that I thought would be huge, which barely got any hits, while most of the post that are pn this list I just knocked out without much preparation. Go figure.

Anyway, as always, thank YOU for reading!

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