Night Club #3

Written by Mark Millar
Drawn by Juanan Ramirez
Published by Image Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Night Club #2

As this issue begins it’s been a couple of weeks since Danny voluntarily bit his friends Sam and Amy to turn them into vampires like him. And now they’ve all adopted superhero names and using their newfound powers to make money and go viral on Youtube. Danny is Stargaurd, Sam is Thundercloud, and Amy is Yellowbird, and they film themselves showing off their powers and then upload their videos while offering their services for cash. We see them solving petty crimes like removing gang members from a local mall and recovering stolen electronics.

This does make them come off like typical teenagers, not really thinking of the future just using their new abilities to make a quick buck and become internet-famous.

Then they go to a party thrown by the snobby popular kids who used to mock them, where we learn that Amy is secretly in love with Danny, but he’s as oblivious to that as she is to the fact that Sam is secretly in love with her. Then Risso, the bully, shows up with his friend and starts a fight. Danny convinces Sam that they have to let Risso and his friends beat them up, in order to protect their secret identities.

The issue ends with them tracking down some skinhead criminals but are stymied once again by the classic vampire rules, specifically how vampires aren’t able to enter someone’s home unless they’re specifically invited in. In short, the raid goes horribly wrong, leading to major property damage and the potential loss of innocent life. We also get a cliffhanger showing us what Detective Laskaras, the vampire who turned Danny, has been up to.

I’m still enjoying the series, like many Mark Millar titles you kind of have to turn certain parts of your brain off to enjoy them. He brings up but then glosses over some major issues like how these kids are getting away with not going to school or being out in daytime, or how they’re explaining anything to their parents. And I’m still not crazy about Juanan Ramirez’s artwork. But it’s a fun book.

Night Club #3

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