You know, people who have heard me speak or read my writings about politics would probably describe me as “Liberal.” I don’t know if I really am, at least not in the way that word is typically used today. I don’t adhere to any particular ideology. I’m not a Democrat, but I do think that right now that party is the best option in America, because the Republicans have gone so far to the extreme Right that they scare me. In some ways, I’m probably closer to a Libertarian in my views, although I don’t follow their strict ideology either. Years ago, I used to be a regular participant on Mark Millar’s message board, Millarworld, and they had a sub-forum specifically to discuss politics, and there was one early thread for forum members to introduce themselves, and answer a few standard questions, one of which was something like “What is your most important political belief?” and I answered, “That we have and protect our right to privacy.”

And, really, that’s it. That’s where pretty much all of my political viewpoints stem from, my belief in a right to privacy. That we should all have the right to be left alone to do what we want, watch what we want, listen to what we want, and read what we want, without the government getting involved. Just let us live our lives in peace, as long as we’re not bothering anyone else. I mind my own business, so I want everyone else to do the same. From that, it spreads to everything else. There are things about me that I know that other people don’t like or agree with, and that’s fine, they don’t have to LIKE it, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to do anything about it. So that’s basically how I look at most political issues.

For example, it doesn’t matter whether I personally approve of abortion or not, I don’t believe that it is my business whether or not a woman wants to get one. Just because I don’t like something, that doesn’t meant that I think there should be a law against it. There are all sorts of things that people do with their lives, including their personal lives, and various life choices that I might disapprove of, but I don’t want to start passing laws to stop people from doing these things.

So my support of gays rights comes from this place because, in my opinion, there is nothing more personal than whom you prefer to love and have sex with. That is something that the Government really should have no business regulating, or passing laws against. Gay, Straight, Bi, whatever, I don’t give darn what you are, or whom you love, I just don’t care. So I’m for full gay rights, including to serve openly in the military, and to get legally married. Anyone who doesn’t like it, that’s okay. You can not like it all you want. If a gay couple invites you to your wedding, don’t RSVP. But if you think it should be illegal, then you know what that makes you? A BIGOT.

And yes, that’s even if you believe that way because of your religion. Religion is not some kind of cover, you don’t get to hide behind it, or claim that I am the one being “intolerant” of you, or that I’m being anti-religion. Nice try @ deflection, but I don’t play that shit. I will not tolerate your bigotry, just because some book you consider “Holy” tells you. And I especially have contempt for the Black people who attempt justify their homophobia through the Bible, because it wasn’t that long ago in America that that very same book was used to justify our enslavement and then status as second-class citizens in America, so out of all the groups here, WE should know better. So wake up, and get over yourself.

Just my opinion.


  1. especially at the last paragraph for those that want to use religion to justify their stance. That very same book was used to justify blacks being less then equal to whites back in the day.
    Agree with the right for everyone to pursue their own form of happiness, where ever that takes them so long as it doesn’t impede on the happiness of others.
    Again, well said.


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